Now, you can log in to your myEHtrip online portal. This is a dedicated account for employees of EhTrip. is an online portal where Enterprise Holdings and Fleet Management employees can access and log into myEHtrip accounts. Employees of Centric & Crawford rental users can also use this online portal. One must have a username and password to manage and access this service. A valid and working ID is also compulsory for centric group users to use this service.

This portal is user-friendly; it just takes a few seconds to log into your account. We’ve shared everything you need about the myEHtrip website.

How to Log into myEHtrip Login portal account?

Only the employees of the companies mentioned above can log in to their accounts. The company will provide account credentials, including a User ID and password for accessing this portal.

myEHtrip Login is straightforward and can be done with just a few easy steps. But there are two login options, the first for Enterprise Holdings and Fleet Management, and the other for Franchise Employees and Crawford Select Rental Program users.

Follow the instructions in sequence, as mentioned below.

Myehtrip online portal

First Option for myEHtrip login:

  • Ensure you have an operating system and a stable Internet connection.
  • Visit the official site of myEHtrip to log into your employee account.
  • If you want to change your preferred language, click the language from the bottom list.
  • Click the white-colored log option on the right side, and you will be directed to a new page.
  • You must now enter credentials details on the new page, including username/Login ID and password.
  • Press OK to log into your account.
  • You’ll be directed to your respective account, where you can access the features and get the latest news regarding the management and company.
  • After using the portal, make sure you’ve logged out from your account.

Second Option for myEHtrip login:

The second log option is similar to the first option, but this time, click on the blue-colored option on the left side. After that, two boxes will appear on the screen where you must enter your account details.


This portal is designed for Enterprise Holdings, Centric Group, Crawford Select Rental & Program Fleet Management employees to manage their jobs. Therefore, it can’t be accessed by customers or anyone else.

Why If I Couldn’t Access Portal?

If you encounter such kind of situation, then restart your browser and open the website again. Clear your browsing cache or reboot your operating system if the problems remain. But still, if you come across the same issue, wait for some hours, as it can be due to some ongoing maintenance work in the backend.

Contact the customer care of myEHtrip to get the answer to any of your queries.

Employee Portal Login Requirements

To access the employee portal, employees must have a valid employee ID, an active employment status, a secure password, an internet connection, and correct login credentials. They may also be required to use multi-factor authentication for additional security. 

Valid Employee ID

To access the employee portal, employees must have a valid employee ID. The company provides this ID and is unique to each employee. This ID identifies the employee and ensures only authorized personnel can access the portal.

Active Employment Status

The company must currently employ employees to access the employee portal. The portal is only accessible to active employees and will not allow access to employees terminated or on leave.

Secure Password

Employees must have a secure password to access the portal. The password must be a minimum of 8 characters and include a mix of letters, numbers, and special characters. Passwords must also be changed every 90 days to ensure the portal’s security.

Internet Connection

Employees must have an internet connection to access the employee portal. The web-based portal requires an internet connection to access the company’s internal systems.

Correct Login Credentials

Employees must enter their correct login credentials to access the portal. The portal will only allow access to employees who enter their valid employee ID and secure password. The employee will be prompted to try again if the login credentials are incorrect.

Here are a few Common Login Issues And Troubleshooting

Myehtrip login issues
Myehtrip login issues

Common login issues include providing incorrect login information, using an unsupported browser, cache, and cookies, using private/incognito mode, and poor network connectivity.

Incorrect Login Information

One of the most common issues when logging in to an employee portal is providing incorrect login information. This can include using the wrong employee ID or password. To troubleshoot this issue, ensure that your login credentials are accurate and that you are not accidentally entering them in the wrong field. Additionally, check if your passwords are case-sensitive, and if so, ensure that you have enabled or disabled capitalization accordingly.

Unsupported Browser

Another common issue is using a browser not supported by the employee portal. To troubleshoot this issue, use a recommended browser, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer 11.

Cache and Cookies

If you experience a problem with the login portal, try clearing the cache and cookies on your browser. This helps remove any overcrowded data in your browser that may be causing the issue.

Private/Incognito Mode

If the above methods fail, open my trip portal using your browser’s private/incognito mode. This helps bypass any browser extensions or settings causing the issue.

Network Connectivity

If you cannot log in to the portal, check the internet connectivity and ensure the connection is stable and strong. Sometimes, the login issues may occur due to poor network connectivity, which may be resolved by connecting to a different network or restarting the router.

How do I change the Language of the myEHtrip Login portal?

On the online portal, there is a list of different languages located at the bottom. Click on any language, and it will change instantly. You can also alter the language with any translating extension on your browser.

Here are a few steps on How to change the language of the myEHtrip website 

1: Log in to the myEHitrip website

To change the language of the myEHtrip website, you must first log in. Enter your employee ID and password to access the portal.

2: Locate the Language Setting

Once you are logged in, locate the language setting on the website. This can typically be found in the top right corner or the bottom of the homepage.

3: Select the desired language

Click on the language setting, and a drop-down menu will appear with a list of available languages. Select the desired language from the list.

4: Confirm the Change

After selecting the desired language, a pop-up window asking you to confirm the change may appear. Click on the “Confirm” button to apply the change.

5: Refresh the website

Finally, refresh the website to ensure that the changes have taken effect. The website should now be displayed in the selected language.

Alternatively, you will find a specific country flag on the website’s homepage. You can select the website’s language from the available options by clicking on it.

Myehtrip login

How to Reset myEHtrip Login ID or Password? My EH trip password reset.

myEHtrip Reset Password

Have you forgotten your myEHtrip enterprise login or password? Following these steps, you can conveniently rest your password or login ID at the myEHtrip website.

  • Go to the same Login Page at the myEHtrip website.
  • Now, click on Forgot Login ID or Password at your relevant option
  • You will be redirected to another page; put your registered email there.
  •  Then, tap on the send reset password link.
  • Check your inbox of email and click on the reset link there.
  • You can also read their privacy policy by clicking the blue link below the box.

Benefits of my EH trip Login Account

myEHtrip portal lets the employees manage their job from one place, packed with many features and benefits. Also, customer support is provided to them through this platform. Its other advantages are mentioned below:

A benefit of a myEHtrip login account is that it allows employees to request time off, vacation, sick leave, and other benefits offered by the company. It also enables employees to track their leaves and approve or decline the leaves of their colleagues.

1: Easy Access to Employee Information

One of the main benefits of a myEHtrip login account is its easy access to employee information. Once logged in, employees can view and manage their personal information, such as contact details, employment history, and payment information.

2: Improved Communication

Another benefit of a myEHtrip login account is its improved communication between employees and their supervisors or HR. The portal includes a messaging system that allows employees to communicate directly with their supervisors or HR, eliminating the need for face-to-face meetings or phone calls.

3: Streamlined Benefits Management

A myEHtrip login account also allows employees to manage their benefits easily. Employees can view their benefit options, enroll in coverage, and change their coverage as needed. This eliminates the need for employees to complete paper forms or contact HR for assistance with their benefits.

Modify car rental reservations

-Modifying your pick-up or drop-off location, date, or time may change your rates, taxes, surcharges, or underage fees.
-Please see your new rate quote when you verify your reservation.

Is myEHtrip Safe to Use?

Yes, as it belongs and is operated by Enterprise, they ensure that employees can use this portal safely and hassle-free. Logging into your account can be completed with just a few steps. There are only two options on the main page, so you must be tech-savvy. Your company will provide employee credentials details, so it’s up to you not to share them with anyone else. You should ensure you’ve logged out from the portal after using it. Similarly, most of the user reviews of the Enterprise app are positive, and they appreciated this facilitation. 

myEHtrip also gets positive reviews from many sites, describing it as legit. And they didn’t find any scams or fraudulent cases at the site.

As there are insufficient details at the site. So, we’ve gathered data from different authentic resources and compiled it in one place for ease. Still, if something is confusing or any hiccup occurs while accessing, you can ask to share your confusion in the comment section.

Enterprise Holdings Customer Service

Since excellent customer care services are necessary for any business’s survival, it is one of the sole purposes of Enterprise Holdings to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. They keep motivating their staff and conduct business management training, which results in a maximum customer satisfaction ratio.

On the myEHtrip website, they allow the users to opt for the language from the list. Apart from it, you can respond to their customer care representative anytime in case of any queries.

For Contact:

Here is the myEHtrip phone number (314) 512.5000, from where you can reach out to them. You can also mail them your message at the following address.

600-Corporate Park Drive

St. Louis,

MO 63105

For Reservations:

Start a reservation with this contact number 1-855-266-9289.

App by Enterprise Holdings

Enterprise Holdings has also launched an app to bring more ease for employees. This app, named Pulse by Enterprise Holdings, was designed in such a way as to facilitate their employees in the best possible way. Using the myEHtrip app, one can get corporate and local news relevant to their job. Really useful app, especially for management trainees and management and for keeping yourself up-to-date. Like the online portal, you can log in only with a corporate ID or username and password after installation.

At Hub, officials will share the latest company news, and on the services menu, you can check out the services.

Myehtrip enterprise mobile app
Myehtrip login from app

How can I become an employee of Enterprise Holdings?

Enterprise Holdings offers many career opportunities every year. The first way to join the company is to visit the official site and find a job matching your qualifications. Either way, check advertisements on social media and apply for them if you’re eligible. You can also become an employee of Enterprise through its referral program. Such employees are also rewarded for recruiting new employees from this platform.

What is Enterprise Holdings?

Enterprise is a private company mainly dealing with rental, car-sharing, and travel businesses. The main reason for its worldwide success is its policy of grabbing maximum customer satisfaction. Its employees are trained in such a way as to serve customers with the best services.

They have achieved the milestone of not renting any faulted car to the customer in their 60 years of experience. Not only this but there are also many reasons why they have grown into a well-established firm with 100k employees.

Enterprise Holdings is very concerned with facilitating different features for their employees and developing excellent sales management skills.

Myehtrip online portal

Background of Enterprise Holdings

Jack Taylor, the founder of Enterprise Holdings Inc., opened executive leasing with a fleet of 7 cars back in 1957. After five years, Jack extended his business by adding a rental car division with a fleet of 17 years, and they opened up their first sales location.

The tradition of We’ll pick you up began when they offered a free ride to their rental office. Enterprise has started extending its business globally with offices in Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom. In 2007, Enterprise celebrated its 50th anniversary; later, two other rental car business brands also became part.

In 2018, Enterprise opened its 10000th location, and now it operates in more than 90 businesses all across the globe. Furthermore, it owns and operates Enterprise Rent a Car, Enterprise CarShare, Alamo Rent a Car, and National Car Rental.

It is ranked as the biggest Car Rental Company in the United States. Furthermore, this company comprises 100K employees, with a huge gross annual revenue of $19 billion.


1. What is myEhtrip?

  • myEhtrip is an online platform designed to assist users in managing their business travel needs efficiently. It offers services such as booking flights, hotels, and handling travel expenses.

2. Is myEhtrip safe to use?

  • Yes, myEhtrip is a secure platform. It employs robust security measures to safeguard user data and financial transactions, ensuring a safe and dependable experience for travelers.

3. How do I login to myEhtrip?

  • To access your myEhtrip account, go to the official website and click on the “Login” or “Sign In” option. Then, provide your username and password before clicking “Submit” to log in successfully.

4. How can I reset my myEhtrip password?

  • If you need to reset your myEhtrip password, click on the “Forgot Password” or “Reset Password” link on the login page. Follow the instructions to verify your identity and create a new password for your account.

The Bottom Line:

In conclusion, a myEHtrip Login portal account provides employees a convenient and efficient way to manage their personal information, communicate with their supervisors and HR, and manage their benefits. It eliminates the need for paper forms and face-to-face meetings and helps employees stay informed about company events and updates.

myEHtrip portal reflects Enterprise Holdings’ friendly policy towards its employees. We’ve shared the nitty-gritty about the myEHtrip account and the process of accessing & logging in to your employee account. We’ve tried to cover all the answers to your queries by gathering data from different forums. But still, if you have any confusion, then Let us know in the comment section. We’ll be pleased to answer any of your questions.